In this podcast we challenge musicians to write a song based on a set of instructions given by us. These rules can be anything from a set of chords, to some lyrics, or even something more general like a theme.  The songwriters are then asked to record themselves at every moment of the songwriting process, and to reflect on their writing journey. 

Songs and Writers is a podcast produced by Michael Dale and Tom Harrison, who have previously produced the comedy podcast Cold Man Cast, and who play in the alt/folk duo I am the Cold Man.

Their interest in songwriting led to this here podcast, where the pair hope to explore the art form in detail. 

Michael Dale is a London based audio producer, musician, and podcaster. He works for a media production company, writes music for a variety of projects, and has been involved in the production of a number of podcasts. He is currently obsessed with all things Icelandic, and is learning the cello.



Tom Harrison is a London based audio producer. He works for an audiobook production house, makes podcasts, and plays trumpet, keyboard, and sings in folk duo 'I am the Cold Man'.